Ready to Achieve Those Goals!



I’ve been totally stoked to get started on my YouTube endeavor. I have a check list that will keep me busy for the first two months if I post weekly, and plans for other things I could put onto the site. I even now have an Instagram to post to!

What could derail this?


I wasn’t expecting my winter break for my teaching job to be overtaken by my part-time job–I know I need the money, but next time I’m going to take my sanity into consideration when I give up my free time. (I had a cry this morning in my frustration).

I know want I want to do, but I don’t have the time to do it. A lesson in saying ‘no’, or just being direct with my availability and not relying on a system to hold be understanding in return.

In the spirit of actually getting things done, I practiced what lighting I should use for my camera set up and doodled these:


Yay productivity!

I’m really doing to have to organize my time in order to achieve what I want to this year. Let’s go!


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