First Day on YouTube

I did it.


I can’t believe I hit the upload button and made the video public.

I’m so excited! Woot!

My plan for my channel is simple and what I love: share my drawings, my characters, and my love of Ghibli on the YouTube platform. I’ve wanted to start a channel for years, but never figured out what I could do or provide. What did I have to offer? What possibly about myself could people be interested in?

I’ve always had my art. Tumblr has been subjected to my art for years–but the site only reaches so many people. The idea that my art could be on YouTube never really clicked as a possibility for me. It was for someone else, with awesome skillz.

But after finally finding the art-side of YouTube, and a few vloggers whose words really struck me, it finally made sense to me how I could contribute.

Have you done anything really out there recently? Have you pushed your boundaries and pursued your goals? I’d like to know!

So… here I am, YouTube! Internets! Pleased to meet you. Stick around and geek out with me. I want to hear your stories and your loves.


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