Nostalgia: The Immortals quartet by Tamora Pierce

Cropped from an Image on the Wiki

Many of the books and movies I’ve come to categorize as ‘my favorites’ all can be credited to chance. The Immortals quartet by Tamora Pierce is one of those great random finds.

There became a time that the bookmobile no longer had enough variety for 11-year-old me. A girl can only check out the volumes of The Boxcar Children and Garfield so many times before she needs something new. Luckily, the library system had recently gone digital, and readers could place books on hold from a plethora of libraries in the southeast corner of Wisconsin to come to your location.

Typing in “fantasy” and “young adult” bombarded me with many new reading adventures. At that age, I also added “animal” to thin out the search. I’d click on whatever book cover I liked and read the description to see if it was worth having sent to the bookmobile.


What was to come up but The Immortals quartet? I accidentally put Wolf Speaker on hold first (wolves, duh!), realized it was the second book to four, and had to wait another week for the first book to come in so I could start to read.

Daine was the perfect heroine to introduce me to young adult fantasy. Brown hair and loved animals, just like me! The fact that her magic revolved around animals was my dream (I wanted to be a veterinarian for forever). I was also about her age in the first book, 12, when I first started reading her story. This was the perfect concoction to pull me into all of Tamora Pierce’s works.

(I am ashamed to admit, but I called her “Diane” in my head forever until I was a part of an anthology community on DA and figured out is was Daine, not Diane. Am I kicked out of the club??)

In high school, I found a greater connection to Keladry from The Protector of the Small, but The Immortals quartet will always hold a place in my heart–maybe one day I’ll purchase different covers than the photoed one’s I ended up buying because I needed to own the series.

What was the series that introduced you to Tamora Pierce’s books? I’d love to know!


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