Manga I Would Buy: Game Over by Mizutani Fuka

As an avid reader of manga scans, I click through the fan-translated manga pretty quick. Many times, I don’t recall the name of the manga once I click on a new page. Or the characters’ names. Or the plot.

Other times, though, there is a series that captures my attention that I keep going back to.



~~SPOILERS for the first chapter. Since this is a short one, it was best to do the write-up this way~~

The slice of life, josei manga Game Over by Mizutani Fuka is simple and adorable. Whenever I read it, I grin from ear to ear, blushing with the characters.


Game Over is the story of how working woman Akemi and student Shouta’s lives softly fall into place. There’s no love triangle, no outside drama trying to pull them apart. Only their own insecurities and mutual attraction to affect their relationship.

Akemi takes the bus to work and plays a game. She picks a man to sit next to, and if he looks at her twice (once to see her, a second time in surprise or fluster that a beautiful woman is next to him), she wins. This little victory energizes her in the monotony of her days.


Shouta becomes one of her targets, but things don’t go as planned. Unlike the other men, he doesn’t acknowledge her–rather looks out the window. This unprecedented situation takes up all Akemi’s imagination for the next few days. She tries different ways to catch his attention: perfume, “Level 2”–What can she do to make him notice her?



When Shouta takes his bike instead of the bus, she realizes she was being intrusive on the poor guy. At work, her co-workers comment that she seems down, unlike how energetic she was the last few days. Trying to get Shouta to notice her had made her really, really happy.

Down and out, Akemi gets on the bus and sits in a window seat, not playing her game on anyone. To her surprise, Shouta gets on the bus and sits next to her. His reflection is in the window. Realization strikes her–he was always looking at her, just through the window.

The story is only five chapters long, setting up important moments in their relationship: meeting, dates, proposal, wedding. This adorable story is a quick read, and I’ll pick is up when I need a little, simple happiness in my life.

If I ever had a paper copy of this manga, it would be worn down so the binding had no more cracks (hardbound preferred). It’s fairly new, from 2010, so this isn’t too much to ask, right??

What’s a manga you’d love to have in print in your country? Comment below!




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